Utool Air Hose ReelUtool Air Hose ReelUtool Air Hose ReelUtool Air Hose ReelUtool Air Hose ReelUtool Air Hose Reel
Utool Air Hose Reel

  • Complete Air Hose Reel Set: All steel auto retractable air hose reel,3/8 In.x50Ft rubber hose,3 Ft lead hose,1/4”NPT ends connect to standard plugs and couplers, bonus 1 PTFE tape for sealing and preventing leakage
  • Automatic Rewind System: Spring powered mechanism retracts the hose automatically, convenient and labor-saving
  • All-steel Construction & Rubber Hose: Hose reel is constructed of corrosion-resistant steel, durable and solid; Premium rubber and PVC made hybrid hose is soft and resistant to wear, with stands max working pressure of 300PSI and working temperatures from -68 to +158℉
  • Hose Guide & Adjustable Bumper: Hose guide integrated with 4 non-blocking rollers extends hose life;Adjustable bumper position meets more work condition requirements
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  • Utool Premium Emergency Survival Blanket 4pack is the perfect choice for emergency survival situations, essential in your bug out bag, go-bag, and home /auto emergency kit.
  • Tough but Light Weighted: High Density PE emergency blanket is more durable and no annoying noise compared to regular one. Better tensile strength avoids total tear-up after cut or piercing and reusable if properly cared.
  • Waterproof Features backs up its multiple functions as a protection in all weather conditions or surviving in natural disasters. It can be used as ground cover, emergency shelter, wind blocker, rain poncho, backpack cover, bivy sack, sleeping bag liner, sun cover, solar oven, bird repellent, snow melt container, water collector.
  • Thermal and Reflective: Saving you from hypothermia or shock by retaining/reflecting up to 90 percent of body heat. Silver side deflects the heat from the sun and helps you to keep cool.
  • Utool Emergency Blanket Family: Always Be Prepared, you never know what you might stumble into around the corner. Everyone in awe of the unknown should keep emergency supplies by their side, but we wish you never have to use it.

4 PE Emergency Blanket

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