UTOOL Trim Removal Tool Kit Pro 18pcs for Auto Car Door Trim Panel Removal with Clip Fastener Remover Pliers and Radio Audio Stereo Removal Tools Black




Collections: Auto Body Tools, Automotive Tools, Hand Tools

Product type: Automotive Tools

Vendor: UTOOL


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  • ★Upgraded: From red to black trim tools, more ergonomic designed clip removers, additional radio removal keys, this 18pcs trim and radio removal tool kit is everything you need for most interior& exterior trim removal jobs without any scratches.
  • ★Effortless Modifications: Start to update or repair your sound system right away, this tool kit works for dashboard, door panel, moldings, or any other plastic pieces.
  • ★Super Nylon Fiber: Not like regular ABS, nylon fiber is extra durable, sturdy and break resistant.
  • ★Additional Clip and Radio Removal Tools: 1 metal ergonomic design clip remover, 1 enhanced clip pliers and 5 stereo and terminal removal tools added in this set to make this kit even handier to remove clips or fasteners that won’t come off easily.
  • ★Utool Warranty: Utool stands behind every product we sell, one year warranty is provided.