UTOOL Ultra Emergency Blanket Survival Blanket Heavy Duty Thermal Outdoor Waterproof Reusable Heat Retention Extra Large, Orange




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Product type: Outdoor

Vendor: UTOOL


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  • ☘All Weather Emergency Survival Blanket: Prepare yourself and protect your family when facing a natural disaster or had troubles with your car during a long trip, or simply in need of a waterproof tarp for picnic
  • Newest Material Tech: 5.0 generation material consists of 5 layers including PE, polyester mesh and Mylar, makes it reusable and SUPER waterproof, windproof with 94% heat retention, extra sturdy for heavy duty work.
  • ☘Multi-Purpose: Function as a tarp, ground cover or a shelter to prevent hypothermia when you are hiking, camping, fishing, claiming, boating, swimming, hunting and all other outdoor activities.
  • High Visibility and Large Size: Eye-catching orange and highly reflective sliver color works for emergency signaling. Measures 59 x 83 inches, weighs 1.4lb.
  • Tool Emergency Blanket Family: Always Be Prepared, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We wish you all the best of luck during your journey.