UTOOL 19PCS Trim Removal Tool for Auto Automotive Panel Trim with Organizer, Fastener and Clip Remover, Additional Radio Removal Keys and Tire Gap Thread Remover




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Product type: Automotive Tools

Vendor: UTOOL


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 Key Features

    • 🔧 【19PCS COMPLETE AND VERSATILE SET】 Including 11 panel/trim removal tools with multiple shaped heads and levers, 1 clip removers, 1 clip pli
    • ers, 5 radio removal keys and 1 tire gap thread remover, satisfy every need of panel and trim removal jobs with efficiency
    • 🔧 【Top Grade Material】 Special toughened nylon fiber trim removal tools guarantee exceptional yield strength and toughness, it is very tough yet get the delicate jobs done. 
    • 🔧 【Marvellous Organizer】 Carbon Fiber look PU surface (NOT GENUINE CARBON FIBER) builds up your professionalism, and extra space to store your other frequently used auto body tools.
    • 🔧【Be Your Own Pro】 Look and work like a pro with this set. Perfect to hang around the garage or keep it in your trunck.
    • 💖【Utool Services】 Utool stands behind every product we sell, one year warranty provided (accessories not included). PLEASE READ ALL MANUAL CONTENT CAREFULLY BEFORE ANY OPERATION.


    Utool provide warranty for our products. If you have any problems, please feel free contact us.

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